What the Future of Cybersecurity Could Look Like

  • July 29, 2015
  • Computer Repair Tips

The Internet is full of threats. This is no secret. Up to 95 percent of all cyber threats come from emails or the Web. Despite all the threats, people continue to interact with Internet “strangers.” These strangers keep your local computer repair store busy. The majority of the problems that we address at our Portland computer repair locations have to do viruses and malware. To remedy this growing problem, cybersecurity professionals are coming up new ways for businesses to access the Internet and reduce the risk of a malicious attack.

Adaptive Clientless Rendering™

Menlo Security developed Adaptive Clientless Rendering ™ (ACR) to work with the Menlo Security Isolation Platform (MSIP). In this approach, MSIP runs all Web content (the good and bad) through a virtual container in a cloud. The container filters out the bad (e.g., malware) and only allows you to interact with safe content using to ACR, which doesn’t require special software or plug-ins. Since all the Web interactions happen in the cloud, malware can’t infiltrate your computer. As a bonus, MSIP and ACR will not change the user experience, so everything looks the same.

Network Appliance Track

Spikes Security’s Isla® Browser Isolation System uses a network appliance track. Isla® hardware, or appliance, runs Web content through virtual machines first instead of through a computer’s browser. Instead of detecting malware, which most cybersecurity systems do, it isolates it and prevents the threats from entering a network or computer.

Better Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid clouds, like Ixia, combine the best aspects of physical and virtual networks to eliminate security gaps, such as a lack of administrator visibility. Ixia’s Net Tool Optimizer® (NTO) hardware gives you insight regarding the physical and virtual world to give you a more comprehensive picture. This type of system improves security, allows you to track the development of an attack, and fine tune a network’s performance.

While new cybersecurity technologies provide an extra layer of protection, they do not prevent user errors, like opening a malicious attachment in an email. Because of this, we invite you to take advantage of Happy Hamster’s small business computer support services. It’s also a good idea to provide staff members with email and Internet safety training periodically. Contact us today to learn more about proactive IT management.


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