Hacking Team was Hacked

  • July 8, 2015
  • Computer Security News

On July 5, 2015, Italian security firm Hacking Team fell victim to hackers. The firm is best known for selling surveillance technologies and hacking software to government, law enforcement and intelligence communities. The hackers stole 400 gigabytes of data, which included client lists, email communications, codes, shoddy passwords (e.g., Passw0rd), financial records and contracts. The Hacking Team’s Twitter account was also compromised, as the hackers posted a link to all the data that it uncovered using the company’s account.

Portland Computer Repair Experts Explain the Security Breach

Shortly after gaining access to the Hacking Team’s data, the hackers published email exchanges between the company and “repressive regimes.” Last year, however, the organization denied selling their technologies to such governments. The hackers revealed government contracts between Hacker Team and countries such as Russia, Ethiopia, Kazahkstan, South Korea and Sudan. The stolen data also showed copies of contracts that proved that the Hacking Team sold its software to private companies and banks, something the security firm denied doing in 2014.

When the hackers personally exposed Christian Pozzi, Hacker Team’s security engineer, they displayed his Web browser’s password store. Pozzi at first denied the company’s misdeeds. He then issued false warnings that the publically published stolen data contained viruses.

To top it off, the hackers revealed the Hacker Team’s list of products and services, along with their costs.

Breaching the Hacking Team

Small-business computer support specialists reveal that a security flaw in the Hacking Team’s Adobe Flash Player made the company’s data vulnerable. Adobe issued an advisory about the vulnerability (CVE-2015-5119)—which affected Mac, Linux and Windows systems—and released a patch on July 8, 2015.

The moral of the story: always keep the software on your computer updated and your passwords strong. To prevent needing a computer or laptop repair, Portland residents and business owners should install, use and update reputable antivirus programs, set up firewalls and use the latest techniques to keep Internet connections secure. To beef up the security of your Internet connection and networked accounts, get in touch with Happy Hamster.


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