ISIS Threatens Twitter Employees

  • March 18, 2015
  • Computer Security News

Twitter Suspended Account NoticeTwitter has a behavior policy that prohibits publishing or sending direct messages with threats of violence against others. It also has the right to remove content that’s potentially offensive. Computer repair experts state that when users reported policy violations about posts that members associated with the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) published, Twitter suspended their accounts.

The Use of Social Media among Extremist Groups

Twitter suspending about 2,000 accounts linked to the ISIS and its supporters shows the world just how social media savvy extremists are when it comes to spreading messages of hate. ISIS often uses (or tires to use) Twitter and other forms of social media to publish messages, post videos of violent acts and recruit new members. Some in the group go to the extent of creating false accounts to make it seem as if its base of supporters is larger than it is.

ISIS has leveraged Twitter and other social media platform to recruit followers from 90 countries. The recent ISIS account suspensions have nothing to do with pressure from U.S. security officials. In fact, the intelligence community would rather have the accounts remain open so they could monitor extremist communications.

Of the 16 major ISIS distribution accounts on Twitter, the social media giant shut down 13, delivering a major blow to their communication efforts.

ISIS Backlash at Suspensions

In response to Twitter suspending ISIS-related accounts, disgruntled members associated with the group threw fits and posted threats against co-founder Jack Dorsey and Twitter employees on different social media sites. Some of the threats even included pictures of Dorsey that were designed to intimidate and instill fear. While Dorsey hasn’t posted or stated an official comment about the situation, Twitter is working with law enforcement to investigate the matter further.

While the threats made against Twitter may be nothing more than rants, the company takes all threats seriously. If you ever receive threatening or hateful posts, or encounter them in your feed, computer repair experts urge you to report them to the respective platform’s support center. For help with this or anything related to computer repair, Portland area residents should contact Happy Hamster.
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