Happy Hamster offers in-house/business computer repair appointments. All of our in-house technicians possess over 10 years of industry experience and consistently receive 5/5 ratings on anonymous customer surveys.

We also make house calls. If you’d like one of our technicians to come to you, call our shop at (503) 282-5185 to schedule an appointment. One of our talented team members will talk to you about the problem you’re having, and ensure it’s something we can address during a home visit.

Protip – We require all appointments to be scheduled via phone so we can talk about the issue ahead of time and ensure it’s a service we can provide in your home. We want to make sure that we bring all the necessary equipment for a successful visit.

Then we will schedule a convenient time with you for the appointment.
And on the day of the appointment, we will call you before we head over just to double check that you’re home.
Once we arrive, we will go over the problem with you again and make sure we understand the situation completely. Our technician will work diligently and quickly to resolve your issue, and ensure everything is working to your satisfaction.

Protip – If you want to prepare ahead of time, gather any usernames or passwords you think may be necessary to resolving your problem.

And that’s it! We will go over our provided solutions, make sure you understand any new equipment or passwords we’ve put in place, and then we’ll be on our merry way.