We sell the best computers in the city. We rigorously review, consider, spreadsheet and pare down our selection to get you in and out quickly with the best system for you. To acquire a coveted spot in our store, a product needs to meet our criteria for what makes a fantastic computer.

Firstly, we only sell computers with a good track record for longevity and repair. We have a unique perspective, because we repair thousands of computers every year and we know intimately which ones live a good long life, and which ones tend to die a day after the warranty expires.
Secondly, every computer we sell must be backed by a warranty we trust the manufacturer will uphold. HP Business and Lenovo Business, for example, are the most commonly sold brands in our store. We know that if one of them breaks under warranty, the company will take care of repairing it. They are easy to get in touch with, they turn warranty repairs around very quickly, and they rarely play games with the repair process.
Thirdly, the computer must be priced effectively. We love the quality of Sony Vaio computers, but they are so much more expensive than the competition that we don’t think the price can be justified. The same applies to the low end of the market. Sure, a $400 computer sounds like a great idea, but if it breaks after 1 year and needs to be replaced, it’s a much worse long term value than the $600 computer that will last for 3 years.

Protip – If you buy your computer here, we will service it here. If it breaks under warranty, just bring it back to us and will take care of calling the company, getting an RMA tag, backing up your data, sending your computer in for the repair, getting your computer back, verifying the repair and restoring your information to the machine.

Finally, if you buy it here, we will support it here. If it breaks under warranty, we will take care of sending it back and getting it repaired or replaced for you. We stand behind the computers we sell, and the process continues long after the transaction concludes. We’re a small store without big long racks of computers locked into cages, so when you come in we will sit down, one-on-one, to review your needs and identify the best choice for your new system.