How to Decide Whether you Need Computer Repair or Replacement

As your computer ages and starts needing repairs, it’s natural to wonder whether you should invest in computer repair or simply purchase a new system. As you ponder this conundrum, consider the cost of the repair, the issue at hand, and the benefits of getting a new computer.

Problem: Data Loss

If your computer won’t turn on or you can’t access your files, first look into computer repair services. If you’re lucky, the problem will be a quick fix such as a simple part replacement. On the other hand, a quick fix may also result in lost data.

Data recovery can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars, so it’s best to have a backup plan before it happens. If the computer repair cost is more than 50 percent of the system’s original value, or the computer is more than 5 years old, a new computer may be best.

Problem: Virus

Viruses give computer repair services the most business. Repair technicians can eradicate most viruses, so this is often a viable option. However, if a virus is particularly malicious and gives your computer chronic problems – despite the computer repair shop’s best efforts to scrub it out – your money may be better spent on a new computer and good antivirus software.

Problem: Physical Damage

Dropping, spilling liquid on, or overheating your computer can cost you $300-500 or more. After you get a repair estimate from a shop, it’s wise to weigh the cost of fixing the computer against its age. If you’ve had the computer for more than five years, or if the cost is 50 percent of the original price, we recommend replacing it.

Having to repair your computer can be frustrating. If you’re having a tough time deciding whether to replace or repair it, a trustworthy computer SEO Agency professional can offer valuable advice.

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