Project Spotlight: Mad Fish SEO of Portland

Since 2005, Mad Fish SEO has been providing online marketing services for local and national companies interested in expanding the reach of their website.  The Portland-based company develops online marketing strategies that incorporate SEO, SEM, social media, press, and other services to help businesses attract new customers and establish their brand online.

In October 2012, Mad Fish SEO approached Happy Hamster Computers with some questions. Happy Hamster then connected Mad Fish SEO with their sister company, IT Assurance, to assist with upgrading their existing technology infrastructure. Up to this point, workstations and phone systems had been purchased and networked as demand dictated but without much thought to growth and expansion on a holistic level. As the company approached its 8th year in business, it decided it was time to get the needed equipment in the hands of each employee to help continue the company’s growth.

To start, IT Assurance analyzed the existing office equipment along with the company’s short and long-term needs. The daily tasks of Mad Fish SEO’s online marketing managers and programmers require large monitors, moderate processor speeds, fast and reliable internet connections, and robust networking capability. Mad Fish SEO also needed an upgraded phone system that could better handle their call volume and help them provide the next level of customer service.  With the analysis completed, IT Assurance put together recommendations for new equipment and how best to tackle its installation.

“The IT Assurance team was thorough in their analysis of our office and needs. They gave us their best suggestions for improving our infrastructure and worked with us to find ways to improve our productivity,” said Mad Fish SEO Company president Ben Herman.

As equipment was ordered and arrived, IT Assurance was able to quickly schedule days to begin the installation process. The IT support staff at IT Assurance installed both office-wide and workstation-specific equipment with a minimal amount of disruption or downtime. “Installing new equipment can be incredibly stressful as a business owner. You want to improve productivity with better computers, monitors, and phones but you don’t want employees to spend days idle waiting for its installation and inevitable bug fixes. IT Assurance worked quickly to get things up and running and stuck around to answer our questions and help us get up to speed,” said Herman.

Now that the majority of the IT equipment has been implemented, Mad Fish SEO is relying on IT Assurance for their ongoing computer and IT support. “As a small business owner, I can’t tell you how awesome it is to have a team of professionals at our disposal for basic and advanced computer support. It leaves me and my staff free to do the work of Mad Fish SEO,” said Herman.

Happy Hamster is excited to be working with Mad Fish SEO and to have connected them with IT Assurance who will be providing the small business computer support for Mad Fish SEO!